“Every Time a Family Member Passes On, We Lose Another Library of Stories Not Told...”
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“Discover Simple Secrets for Telling Your Family’s Uniquely Inspiring Stories...”
Leverage Digital Scrapbooking Secrets to Create Amazing Low-Content Books!
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RE: How Well Do You REALLY Know Your Family?

Think about this...YOUR life, and that of everyone else's who has ever lived, is a LIBRARY filled with choices, interests, knowledge, experiences, and accomplishments. You may deem that library of YOU as unimportant but it IS important because it represents stories unique to you. The same is true for everyone, living or dead.

Each individual person who has ever walked upon this tiny speck of stardust we call Earth existed with a grand story to tell that was unique to them...most of which are gone forever, never to be told again. Of course, we can point to historical facts and the results of DNA tests as proof that some individuals did indeed exist and had an impact on the world around them, but what about everyone else? What about those individuals whom we would consider average Jane's and Joe's?
“There Are Billions of Everyday Heroes,
Whose Stories Await Being Told!”

I LOVE creating low-content books...

    • They are often easy to create and beginner-friendly
    • Can cover just about any subject or topic
    • Don't HAVE to have huge page counts (think Printables)
    • Typically have minimal writing but lots of illustrations
    • Mass appeal (depending on the topic)
    • Can be offer in both digital AND print forms

But one of MY favorite reasons for loving low-content books is that they are often art-driven ...illustrations, photographs, fonts, etc. I love it and I suspect YOU do as well.

MOST low-content books take TIME to create regardless of what their focus is. The same is true for Children’s Books, Coloring Books, Prompt Books, etc.

What if I told you that I “reinvented” an AWESOME type of low-content book that is easier to assemble than puzzle books and appeals to a massive audience?

“Family Story Books” are a type of low-content book whose popularity is growing off the charts for a number of reasons:
  • Tried and True: Family Story Books are essentially a digital form of scrapbooking, and because of that familiarity, many are eager to create their own, especially when combined with genealogy.
  • ​Demand: Ancestry.com and 23&Me.com serve a combined audience of over 28 million. That combined with a massive scrapbooking audience boosts the demand sky high.
  • ​Simplicity: Yes, “Family Story Books” require research, but MOST of that research is handled by the family you are creating the book for, not you!
  • ​Easy-to-Use Tools: You don’t need fancy tools to create these books! Any page layout program will work! The pages below were laid out using PowerPoint. The art was assembled in Photoshop but ANY image editor would work fine!
The reality is that you don’t have to love genealogy to make these any more than you have to love puzzles to succeed with Puzzle Books!
“Here Are Two Pages From My Promo PDF as an Example!”
“How Do We Capture What Was Lost and
Tell Our Family Stories in a Meaningful Way?”

Family Story Books combines the creative expression of digital scrapbooking with a collection of names, facts, stories, photos, and timelines...all placed within the context of the times in which they unfolded. Using this information, we can tell those stories in book form using simple templates and easy-to-follow design and publishing methods. Telling the FULL story of even ONE person would be nearly impossible, but weaving together a story tapestry into an easy-to-read celebration of life is something everyone can and SHOULD do. Otherwise, those unique stories could be lost forever to time!
Family Story Books!

“Family Story Books” is the latest course in the “The Genealogy Detectives” series from Master Researcher, Tony Laidig. In this brand-new, beginner, friendly training, Tony guides you on a trip down Memory Lane to discover stories that celebrate the lives of those you love, those who went on before you, or those from the distant past!

Tony's skills as a book designer, storyteller, photographer, researcher, and teacher, set the stage for helping you navigate through the seemingly endless stacks of genealogy content to craft a story (or stories) your family, friends, or clients would absolutely LOVE!

This 4-Module training breaks down the Family Story Book process into four parts:

Module One: Discovering Your Family Stories
    • Types of Family Stories to Tell.
    • Choosing a Starting Point for Your Family Story.
    • The Best Information to Use From Your Family Tree.
    • Stories From Your DNA.
    • Interviewing Family Members.
    • Other Sources for Family-Related Stories.
    • Establishing a Story Timeline.
    • And Much More!

Module Two: Photos to Tell the Story
    • Why a Picture Truly Is Worth a Thousand Words.
    • Types of Family Photos to Search for.
    • Where to Find Family Photos.
    • What to Do When You Don't Have Photos of Family Members.
    • Best Ways to Capture Photos for Your Story.
    • Retouching and Enhancing Family Photos.
    • And Much More!

Module Three: Support Materials for Context and Details
    • Using Other Written and Photo Materials to Provide Context.
    • Best Sources for Historical Information.
    • Using Vintage Maps to Help Tell Your Story.
    • The Wealth of Related Materials in Newspapers.
    • Working With Historical Societies, Libraries, Courthouses, and more!
    • Including Period Items to Help Tell Your Story.
    • And Much More!

Module Four: Layout and Publish Your Book
    • Organizing Your Research and Items Into a Cohesive Form.
    • Working With Layout Templates.
    • Ensuring Flow to Your Story Layout.
    • Best Layout Options for Family Story Books.
    • Preparing Your Files for Printing.
    • Designing the Cover for Your Family Story Book.
    • Choosing the Best Printing Options for Your Story Book.
    • And Much More!
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  • BONUS - “Scanning Old Negatives and Slides” Video Training
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The 4 Weekly Modules Will Be Taught, Recorded, and Posted By Thursday Each Week (beginning March 31st) 
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“Genealogy Detectives: Records Research”
In “Genealogy Detectives: Records Research,” you will discover:
  • Module One: Overview of the BEST Records Research Options.
  • Module Two: Primary Genealogy Resources that Can Provide You With the Most Information.
  • Module Three: Secondary Genealogy Resources Often Contain Hidden Nuggets About Our Family.
  • Module Four: Researching Offline Resources Is an Important Part of Our Research Process.
  • Module Five: Developing Your Family Tree Turns Your Research Into an Expanding Story of Our Family.
“Genealogy Detectives: DNA Research”
In “Genealogy Detectives: DNA Research,” you will discover:
  • Module One: DNA Research and What It Can Mean for Your Family Tree.
  • Module Two: DNA Tests and Data From the Leading Companies Compared and Explored.
  • Module Three: Data Mining Your Own DNA Using Third-Party Websites and Tools.
  • Module Four: It's Not Just for Genealogy! Using Your DNA for Health Insights, Diet, Traits and More!
  • Module Five: Turning Genealogy Research Into Products: How to Create Genealogy-Related Products People Will Cherish.
“Included Bonuses”
  • BONUS One: Photo Pro Tutorials: Restoring Faded Photos Video Training
  • BONUS Two: Photo Pro Tutorials: Hand-Coloring B&W Photos Video Training
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